How to Improve CX through the CliPlace Online Ticketing Portal

CliPlace Online Ticketing Portal is a new level of CX

CliPlace Online Portal is an easy way to improve СХ (customer experience). Find out what benefits for customers and value for a business. Providing customers with tickets around the clock isn’t a choice, it is a necessity. You don’t call the bank every time to know the balance? Yes, because there is online banking. CliPlace Online Ticketing Portal for the same. It’s a new level of СХ.

Please tell me, have any of these situations ever happened?

  1. The client asked in the chat or emails about the ticket status daily.
  2. The client thought his ticket wasn’t being processed at all, and his emails were like “guys, do you still remember me?”.
  3. The support team had a difficult time managing the flow of requests and was late in processing complex and important requests.

This is a frequent situation, or you’re lucky.

Try CliPlace an Online Self-Service Support Portal for customers if you use HubSpot. Getting started is easy: quick integration, access settings, ticket field configuration, portal branding, etc.

cliplace ticketing portal

How is it useful for the client? 

Customers open tickets themselves, view a history of changes and statuses, reply to tickets, and upload attachments. The Support Portal provides customers with answers even before a question arises. All urgent information is in the client’s portal. Providing a Ticketing Portal creates an emotional connection between customers and business, and strengthens customer trust. As a result, this product brand becomes a love mark for the customer.

What is the value of a business? 

First, the customer portal optimized the work of the support team, cause their responses are faster and more focused on complex tickets. Give customers access to an informative ticket portal, and as a result, the number of chats and emails about ticket statuses decreases.

Second, the client portal has maximum transparency, ease of use, and communication. What if your business is not working 24/7, and the client needs help during non-working hours? Making him expect it is not the best idea. With the ticket portal, the customer can find a solution or answer, open a ticket himself, and add information about his problem.

Spoiler: it will soon be possible to sync the Knowledge Base in the CliPlace Portal.

Third, it is a cost-effective way to provide support services. The more users can help themselves, the cheaper it will cost. Automate support, even more, make information available through the portal. As a result, the cost of ticket service is much lower (and efficiency is still high).

If you want to improve the customer experience, try CliPlace Online Ticket Portal for free.


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Remember, a satisfied customer is the best strategy.

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